Howdy, y’all!

I am Max Chan, a graduate student major in electronics and computer engineering. I am born in Feb. 11, 1993, in Municipality of Shanghai.

Besides computer and technology, I have a sweet tooth on music and anime. From time to time I write a little and occasionally sing (although I have not published a single song for years.)

Hope you have a good time reading my blog, and hope that it inspires you.

For those prefer code over text:

MaxthonChan : ABPerson {
    properties {
        kABFirstNameProperty = "Maxthon";
        kABLastNameProperty = "Chan";
        kABBirthdayProperty = "Feb. 11, 1993";
        kABHomePageProperty : ABMultiValue {
            kABHomePageLabel = "https://en.maxchan.info/";
        kABEmailProperty : ABMultiValue {
            kABEmailHomeLabel = "[email protected]";
        kABSocialProfileProperty : ABMultiValue {
            "Twitter" = "@maxtch";
/* CGIKit Object Persistence 7.0-alpha */

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