Arduino Libraries

Here is a list of Arduino libraries I published: All libraries are published under 3-clause BSD license.


TLC5615 is a 10-bit resistor string precision DAC released by Texas Instruments. This 8-pin chip is literally the cheapest available on TI’s website that have a serial interface.

The TLC5615 library supports only one chip per CS line, although the chip itself can be daisy chained.


This is an improved version of the button debouncing code found on Arduino website as an example. I have added a little bit of event-driven programming into this.


So you are one PWM pin short. Instead of switchign to an unnecessarily large chip, try move one of the less timing critical PWM signals (e.g. LCD backlight) to SoftPWM.

This SoftPWM library uses the main loop and timing functions to emulate FastPWM action.