Review: Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour

So just finished reading the books literally hours ago, and I want to write something ASAP. Spoiler galore in my reviews, proceed with care.

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Thank you, Josh

Soon after I delivered his order, Josh wrote a post on his blog about my USB to UART adapter line and the SHONEv1 LSOF project. I am so stoked!

Thank you Josh for praising my product and service, and I am going to roll a few SHONEv2 boards (and some testing gear DIY too) very, very soon. Sit tight and wait for it 🙂

Rounding up my year

The year 2014 is about to end, and here I am, rounding it up.

I finally started to tie up loose ends in my college years although it seem to me that it may be too late and may will result in an extra year in school. My research paid off though, with several patents in waiting although I really don’t have the time and resource to research them all in depth. One of them, the translation assistant, is my graduation project so that will receive some in-depth development but other than that it is all meh.

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After Ever After series: serious issues from a Disney point of view

Jon Cozart, the creator of the YouTube channel Paint, beyond pulling off quartets with himself, made a point in some serious issues from the point of view of Disney characters, mainly princesses. I am trying to break it down and have a little review.

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Oh no Taylor: on the upcoming album 1989

Now that is a steep change in an artist’s artistry: Taylor Swift, the songstress that is known for her refreshing country music, is going to blast plain pop into your earbuds.

I have previewed the lead single, Shake it Off, that addressed her detractors directly. I liked this single for its being full of positiveness. However one thing is off: where is your guitar, Taylor?

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Outsider review: The Fault in our Stars

After so many recommendations, I finally tracked down a copy of The Fault in our Stars and read it, the first book of novel in a long time for mine. Reading it with the album A Good Day by Priscilla Ahn looping in the late night, I felt moved. I am no writer, and no native speaker of English, so please excuse me.

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The song creeped me out: FroyoYOLO

Revisited the aired episodes of Liv and Maddie, I am creeped out by one song: FroyoYOLO. I am greeted with strong dĂ©jĂ  vu with Little Baby’s Ice Cream ad as played on the React videos.

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Review: Liberty Walk by Miley Cyrus

This review can be very controversial so please proceed with care.

The song I am reviewing here is Liberty Walk by Miley Cyrus, released in 2010 and finally I am reviewing this, at this specific date.

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I got an earworm: Saturday by Rebecca Black

I have to admit, this song is crazy catchy and the first time I heard it I was hooked. The second time years after it was released, no less.

The song I am talking about here, is Saturday by Rebecca Black.

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What is bad content?

A certain center called me, telling me that my website have a certain “bad content”. Hmm what are they talking about?

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