Oh no Taylor: on the upcoming album 1989

Now that is a steep change in an artist’s artistry: Taylor Swift, the songstress that is known for her refreshing country music, is going to blast plain pop into your earbuds.

I have previewed the lead single, Shake it Off, that addressed her detractors directly. I liked this single for its being full of positiveness. However one thing is off: where is your guitar, Taylor?

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The song creeped me out: FroyoYOLO

Revisited the aired episodes of Liv and Maddie, I am creeped out by one song: FroyoYOLO. I am greeted with strong déjà vu with Little Baby’s Ice Cream ad as played on the React videos.

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What is bad content?

A certain center called me, telling me that my website have a certain “bad content”. Hmm what are they talking about?

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My five questions on the computing world

We have supercomputers. We have computer simulations. Some simulations can be quite accurate. Now I have three questions to ask:

  1. Is it possible that algorithms and computational power can grow to a point that a physical world can be simulated continuously?
  2. Is it possible that a sentimental entity can be simulated in such a system, if it exists?
  3. If such a simulation can be achieved, can we consider the machine simulating the entity a sentimental machine?
  4. Is it possible for the entity within the emulation tell if it is emulated?
  5. Is it possible that the world we currently exist in emulated? If so can we detect the emulation?

China Telecom EPON device, IPTV and TR069

After reading Wesley’s post about their problematic, data stealing router, I want to rant about mine.

In the neighbourhood I am living in, the only ISP is China Telecom.

For those who want a broadband connection, Telecom’s standard issue CPE is a combined EPON/Router device.  The device establishes EPON and PPPoE connection for you, have built-in DHCP server and Wi-Fi access point, and seems to be a good all-in-one CPE.

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