I got an earworm: Saturday by Rebecca Black

I have to admit, this song is crazy catchy and the first time I heard it I was hooked. The second time years after it was released, no less.

The song I am talking about here, is Saturday by Rebecca Black.

Rebecca was known for her amazingly horrible song Friday. I did listen to that song but I found the rap absurd so I made a no-rap version myself so just in case it shown up in my mix I don’t have to endure that rap.

Saturday is the official sequel to Friday but me being a Disney pop junkie I find it acceptable – in fact a recent release, Call It Whatever by Bella Thorne, reminded me of this song. I never actually delete songs so throwing myself into the wayback machine I dug that song up and pressed play again, and yet again, I am hooked.

After all the years Rebecca has flourished from an awkward preteen girl to a spicy Latina women-to-be. This is a party-hard song so the lyrics is pretty much all about that, and unsurprisingly with Friday references sprinkled in. Very few traces, if any, of Autotune is detected and from some previous videos Rebecca has already proved that she really can sing.

I will just go back, singing along in midnight like a lunatic. See ya.

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