My take on Christianity, Science and others

I know very well that I do not really have a say in such matter, but hey, I can vent, can’t I?

Before you start questioning my background and the justification behind my venting, I would like to introduce myself here.

I am born in a place that Christianity is not mainstream belief, and the familial tie to Christianity is becoming weak. My Grandma is Protestant due to her upbringing but she did not brought her daughters up religiously, one of them being my mother. However I was the curious tag-along kid in the church with my beloved Grandma and the prayers left me pretty impressed. She told me that what the father is teaching there is how to be a good person: be nice to everyone and everything. Somewhere in my brain, I vaguely remember that my Grandma, in the church, was called Grace.

However the happy tag-along kid in church days ended when I entered primary school. The education system in this country is extremely anti-religion. I have to suppress my beliefs for so long that I almost gave up Christianism in total. It was when I was in 9th grade and I was transferred to another campus of my middle school (there is so little land available in the city that some middle and high schools have to be broken up into small campuses across a few locations) and it was located very close to Grace Church, one of the oldest Protestant churches in the city, and the lights for the Christmas Eve masses there is really splendid, shining from this old, small church piercing the bright light of the city in the night.

It was that fateful Christmas Eve that I bought a copy of the Bible for my grandma, still remembering her Christian roots, and being reminded of it by her small Holy Cross necklace. It was my first Christmas gift for my Grandma, and also the first copy of Bible I bought. I was inconsiderate, and the copy I bought was printed in too small font that she cannot read easily. That night, I read Bible stories with her, and she told me that this entire book of Bible is to teach its reader how to be a better person by being nice to everybody and everything.

It was the senior year of my high school, and again, another Christmas. I was still at the campus near Grace Church, but that night it was a rush as I was pretty late when I left school and I still have a backpack full of homework that due the next day. (It is normal in high school here, being extremely stressful, due to how the college entrance exam is organized.) I somehow suddenly remembered my Grandma and her too-difficult-to-read Bible, and ran to the local church, once was where I tagged along my Grandma in the masses, now moved a bit further from where I live and surrounded in a highway interchange complex (it was built before the highway, and never moved and kept open during the interchange complex is added to the nearby highway.) My mom even gave me special allowance for this. I made sure I bought a copy with bigger letters so that my Grandma, in her 80s, can read easily. Another Christmas Eve, another night of reading Bible stories (after I finished my homework, of course) and for another night I felt like that little, care free tag-along kid again.

The dreadful College Entrance Exam is quickly approaching, and I was well prepared in every but Chinese. I was never good in that subject but it packs quite a lot of credits in the final grades of the test, which determines which college I can go to. I asked my Grandma and she permitted me to borrow the small copy of Bible as reading material. Together with the Analects of Confucius, I managed to get myself into a decent college.

My Grandma passed away during my second year in college. That year was a double blow actually because my equally beloved Grandpa also passed away. My grades dropped sharply (and I am still paying for this mistake) but that night my mom & I packed up our stuff before moving out temporarily so that the apartment I grew up can be renovated, I was greeted with the two copies of Bible again.

The rest of this post is going to be long, boring and probably offending for those who do not hold a similar opinion as mine. Read on with very, very great care, and comment carefully.

Christianity and Science: integrable seamlessly

Those two can be integrated seamlessly by expanding the explanation of Law, and give some special credits to the Preservation of Mass-Energy.

Here I consider Law a set of rules that its Subjects shall always follow, and Subject of a Law is determined by the nature of the Law in question.

In Genesis we know that God created the world, with a brief description of the procedure, but we are not informed how he carried out each of the steps. This is where, I think, the entirety of modern science fits in. The Law of Physics, including all phenomena and rules we discovered and yet to discover, governs the behavior of energy.

The God created a finite amount of energy and The Preservation of Mass-Energy immediately after, preventing excessive energy from being created. The Preservation of Mass-Energy is the Law the God set up to guard any other entity from adding or removing energy from what he set up initially, protecting whatever that may evolve within.

He start to create and fine tune the Law of Physics after its Subject, energy, is created and controlled. He allowed this flowing energy to condense into mass and gave substance its different states. He gave substances and objects made of it interactions which allowed them to form this universe as we know it at large. Also at this point, Chemistry forked from Physics as atoms start to arrange and interact in various ways.

Different substances pack atoms at different densities, and different densities made gravity affect the said substance differently. Some substance is rigid and refuse to be affected significantly by gravity but some will. Also different substance react to heat differently. This is what formed the planet Earth as we know it, all by how the Law of Physics as laid out by the God, and one of its major branches Chemistry, determined.

Some substances start to interact in an interesting way: they have formed closed controlling loops in their reactions. This gave rise to the branch of Chemistry: Biology and the living things as we know it gave rise from this.

This is how, in my head, the God created the world. He created this world by setting up the Laws of Physics, and inject a packet of energy into what would become our world.

LGBT and Church

I have heard a lot of people from various churches claiming LGBTQ as a sin. I think this is nonsense.I am straight and I would be grossed out if someone is pulling a gay act on me, but I would tolerate others performing such acts. Here is my reason.

Not everybody are created equal. Most of us have our brains wired up in a way that would be attracted to a member of the opposite sex. Exceptions do exist though.

From a bigger picture, it is clear that some other species of animals are born lesbian (e.g. some species of lizards are female only and reproduce using Parthenogenesis, but lesbian sex is used to maximize the success rate of reproduction) or bisexual (e.g. a species of monkey’s females routinely use casual sex with partners of both sexes as a way to defuse tensions, both within a group or between groups.) This means that the brain of a being is capable of being wired in any way in the first place, and there is always a chance, since it is obviously proven not being zero, that somehow your brain can end up wired in a way that set you in the camp gay.

For those who is born that way, maybe Loki played a trick on them, but this is definitely not a reason why we should consider that a sin. Instead, we should make sure that they can still enjoy the same set of rights as other people. However making people behave in a way other than what their brain is wired up as is a sin. This means either making straight people gay or making gay straight.

4 thoughts on “My take on Christianity, Science and others”

  1. I liked your reasoning, and I am kind of go along with you , but!
    there is a catch, today is very different than it was 100 years ago,
    today being gay is advertise, is being promoted, I have seen lots of individuals, claiming to find out being gay!!! after many years of living, consider, Bruce Jenner, ! this guy, has two daughters, won Olympic prizes, and lived his life for 60 years as a man and then suddenly he felt like being a woman!
    This is not right, we are talking about people, under suggestion, they are made mentally accept homosexuality.
    I have also researched about those who are born homosexual.
    I signed up in their forums, true homosexuals, hate it being called a male or female when they desire otherwise. I have seen men, homosexuals, that tried to cut their penises beacause they couldnt bare it anymore. they do what ever they can to look like a woman, they act like a woman. the contrary applies to the female homosexuals, who conceive themselves as men, and hate it to look like a woman.
    those people who does not have such feelings, are clearly not homosexual in essence, they are just corrupted people, who seek joy in an exotic form. you can have many bizarre forms in todays sexual behaviors, ranging from sadistic, masochistic, sadomasochistic behaviors, and its is interesting that such behaviors were strongly ans seriously blamed and shamed several decades ago, are not being called healthy and normal!!
    Our dear Lord, knows everything, he knew it humans better than anyone. So in all circumstances we must obey him.
    And my idea on homosexuality is that, homosexuals should first of all get the shape of their desired sex, if a man is sexual, he must get sex change so she can live like a normal female, not just female inside. (this applies in Iran by the way, they can with the help of government get sex changed )
    the same thing goes to the females, wanting to be males.
    This is the only viable method for having a healthy community and adhering to the rules of our dear Lord.

  2. I myself tend to see everything from the Lord’s perspective. I think of myself as an ignorant kid standing before a doctor who knows way more than me, I might have learnt something using my limited understanding and resources, but in no way, I can beat that doctor. I even may believe pretty strictly that something is right and something is wrong, but in reality, it be the contrary.
    To me the creator knows every ups and downs of its creations, their needs, their way of thinking, whats good for them whats not, their dreams, just everything.
    And he definitely didnt create us for just hang around do stupid things, or do as we wish, while we can do so, but we are told there is an outcome for all actions done in this world.
    and this world , with all of its hustles and bustles, is temporary place, its a test ground, its a place where we are tested, and the real life is the after life.
    Our almighty lord, knows what we should or should not do, and we should adhere to it.

  3. I’ve been encouraged reading the testimony of you and your grand mother. Grand parents and parents in our lives are a big blessing.
    I am grateful that you have come to trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. I only encourage you to grow more and more in God’s word. This is a sure (secure and safe) place to stay, and walk in life.

    I believe you’re wrong about homosexuality being ok, based on God’s word (and I mean this not to condemn, but know that God forgives and builds everyone who comes to him, and transforms them into people fruitful in doing good), but for know, I’m not going to go deep into that.

    Apart from this, this is my wish for you.
    May you find strength and encouragement in God’s word (John 1:17 |John 6:63 – God’s word encourages us and gives us strength even as we learn from him)

    Joshua 1:8-9 [ESV2011]
    8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.
    9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

    John 15:7-8
    7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. 8 Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

    I encourage you, do continue following Jesus.

    Have a nice year,

    God bless you!

    Extra: I came here after seeing a helpful comment you made on a youtube video. Thank you.

    1. It should be clear in my post that I have some strict preconditions on what kind of LGBT do I accept as OK: the ones that is born with this condition, in a similar way as an incurable birth defect.

      There are multiple cases of people feeling that they are born with souls being attracted to people with the same gender (homosexualism) or any gender (bisexualism,) born with a soul that does not have a gender (asexualism,) or they are born with a soul with a gender that does not align with the sex of their body (transgenderism.) Their gender misalignment should be treated the same way as a birth defect and not a sin. We don’t consider a baby born without her brain sinful do we?

      Willingful experimenting is probably the only way one can be absolutely sure how they are really born, just like medical examinations.

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