Oh no Taylor: on the upcoming album 1989

Now that is a steep change in an artist’s artistry: Taylor Swift, the songstress that is known for her refreshing country music, is going to blast plain pop into your earbuds.

I have previewed the lead single, Shake it Off, that addressed her detractors directly. I liked this single for its being full of positiveness. However one thing is off: where is your guitar, Taylor?

The singer finally got out of her old formula of songs: country songs that is mostly about romances and exes. She is 24 now, and she is having more mature views on the world. This is a good thing, right?

However she does have that momentum in country music – to some young people she is the biggest country star they have heard (although to me, this position belongs to either Carrie Underwood or Billy Ray Cyrus.) Jumping off that fast-going train would cause a major disrupt in her fan base.

She did dropped hints though. In her previous album Red she stood at the balance point of pop and country, reaching into both worlds almost equally, and more importantly, kept her guitar. To me, this is still a sharp turn.

I realized I am a bad review writer. I vented my feelings. I am stopping now.

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