Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy when you are visiting our website or using our apps. We collect and track a minimum amount of non-identifying information when you visit our website or using our apps, in order to keep your experiences satisfying and advanced features work.


Cookies are little pieces of information a server store in your computer/device for later use. Cookies are used to maintain Web browsing sessions, remember user preferences and a lot more. Certain websites, will not work without cookies. Our website will be heavily handicapped, nothing beyond reading our posts will work, if cookies are not used or disabled.

We use cookies to maintain browsing sessions, including your login session, with a randomly-generated Session ID cookie. This information cannot be associated to you, and is meaningless after you have left our website or exited from our app.


We track some non-identifying statistical information when you visit our websiteor use our apps. The information you generated cannot be differentiated from which is generated by other users. This information is only used to improve our services and keep your experiences satisfying.

Forms and Information You Provided

When you submit any information to us, we may require you to include some information that can be used to identify you. We will never disclose this information to anybody.

The only exception to this non-disclosure rule is when a court warrant is presented to us. In this situation we will only disclose the information we are required to according to the court warrant, and only to the corresponding law enforcement agency. We will publish as much details about the disclosure as the laws permitted as soon as the disclosure is made.


Generally we do not authenticate you using passwords. Whenever a password or its equivalent (e.g. OAuth keys, symmetric cryptographic keys) we will encrypt it before sending it over the Internet. We will never ask you for asymmetric cryptographic keys.

Third-party Liabilities

We use some third-party tools on our website and in our apps. Please contact their respective privacy policies for details.

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