Review: Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour

So just finished reading the books literally hours ago, and I want to write something ASAP. Spoiler galore in my reviews, proceed with care.

The story is about a girl, Penny, trying to balance her life, shake off her panic attacks, managing to keep her dating life with a YouTube star (later touring star) healthy and survive, recover from & subvert a saboteur’s schemes.

In the first book, which I have to say being a little bit bland, we are introduced to Penny and her friends: Elliot, Megan and Ollie, and her family: Mom, Dad & Tom. She went on a bit of chance journey to NYC and met Noah and his family & friends: Sadie Lee, Bella and a pesky fake girlfriend Leah. To me, the first book is all about introductions. Might as well condense and rewrite into a forward or maybe two chapters and attach it to the second book, which contains the proper of the story.

Her adventure begins as her “rock-tastic” boyfriend is listed as the opening act for the European leg of the world tour of a boy band called “The Sketch” (which, to me, seemed a lot like One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer) and from the get-go a stalker is haunting her. Her plan gets interrupted constantly, and she even got a near-rape experience (shudder) from one of Noah’s band members. The aforementioned “pesky” Leah turned out to be a decent human being, even helped Penny to have her Cinderella moment. During the climax the big bad finally revealed – the seemingly-caring manager Dean was the curlprit, the stalker and the saboteur.

The story of the second book is fairly well-written, not so girly like the first (cakes & dolls… 😅) and I like the faster pace, which is pretty common in average-quality fanfictions.

Girl Online 3 WMG

  • Noah will hire Leah’s managing team (as Dean is fired while Leah gave Penny appropriate connections)
  • Penny will be hired by Leah’s team (as the diva got her eyes on Penny’s photography already)
  • Elliot will be able to hang with Penny & co during tours (for them allowing him access to fashion trends not used to accessible to CHIC magazine just by tag along)
  • Noah will get her headlining tour (😍)
  • Penny & Noah will stir up some turbulence within The Sketch team (regarding girlfriends and their positions in teams)

Cast suggestion WMG

Should this book series ever be put into a movie, I am really looking forward to a cast like this:

Common to two books:

  • Penny: Zoe Sugg
  • Noah: Ryan McCartan
  • Elliot: Casper Lee
  • Tom: Joe Sugg
  • Ollie: Marcus Butler
  • Megan: Niomi Smart
  • Leah: Dove Cameron
  • Mr. Porter: Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Ms. Porter: Keira Knightley
  • Sadie Lee: Cloris Leachman
  • Bella: Mia Talerico

Characters from Girl Online:

  • John: Cole Sprouse
  • Cindy: Debby Ryan

Characters from Girl Online: On Tour:

  • Noah’s band: Kurt Hugo Schneider, Max Schneider, Alex Goot
  • Alex: Tyler Oakley
  • Dean: Freddie Wong
  • The Sketch: 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Girlfriends of The Sketch members: Megan Nicole, Anna Grace Barlow
  • Leah’s fashion girls: Shelby Wulfert, Emmy Buckner, Sabrina Carpenter, Victoria Moroles

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