After Ever After series: serious issues from a Disney point of view

Jon Cozart, the creator of the YouTube channel Paint, beyond pulling off quartets with himself, made a point in some serious issues from the point of view of Disney characters, mainly princesses. I am trying to break it down and have a little review.

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The song creeped me out: FroyoYOLO

Revisited the aired episodes of Liv and Maddie, I am creeped out by one song: FroyoYOLO. I am greeted with strong déjà vu with Little Baby’s Ice Cream ad as played on the React videos.

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Review: Bridge to Terabithia

Recently I came to the film, Bridge to Terabithia. The 2007 film, I know, after 7 years I finally came through it.

Being a Disney/Walden production given the trailer (which I just heard of, not actually seen,) it is believed to be something as much a magic show as Narnia but, well, it is definitely not.

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Review: Austin & Ally: “Future Sounds & Festival Songs”

Recently I started on that TV show. I am a 21-year-old but when I am stressed out I still, occasionally, watch Disney Channel shows.

This particular episode, however, caught my notice. It is about Austin finding out about a songwriting machine (or algorithm) that takes a few notes as its input, and spits out a whole pop-ish song.

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