Beyond Development: iOS app after approval of Apple

Yesterday, my app is approved by Apple for App Store and I released it to the public. The upcoming, bigger problem of this is how to make as much people as possible to know and use the app, in my case, play the game. I know that my game is a good game because all my friends and classmates loved it during development (it was a school project) but now we need to get it known to more people, and make the words spread.

This problem is should not be a concern for a programmer, but as a solo developer or a small team, I have to take the job of the product manager as well, trying to promote the app.

I am not sure of how to promote my game. If you know, please comment and tell me.

The game is here:

CGIKit JSON RPC Library for iOS

This library allows you to call to your servers using HTTP(S) and pass arguments using JSON objects, just as if it is part of your Objective-C library. This library is pretty small, with under 700 lines of condensed magic of code that involves frequent calls to the underlying runtime libraries of Objective-C, to keep this entire library function by injecting code dynamically to the runtime.

This version of library used Objective-C Method Forwarding mechanism to inject code. A future version will use runtime manipulation, making it impossible to change the runtime protocol but faster to use.