Tutorial: Setting up 6in4 IPv6 on an Ubuntu router

Despite lack of ISP support, I gave myself IPv6 network access by making my router switch IPv6 packets over an 6in4 tunnel. My tunnel provider is Hurricane Electric.

This tutorial is about setting up IPv6 tunnelling and routing, NDP router advertisement and tackling dynamic address. Not all part of this tutorial will fit your needs.

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Upcycling old computers

Recently I dug out, and was donated some old computers. I cannot bear letting them hang still doing nothing, so I need to find them a purpose.

I slapped Linux into all of them and made them do something now. Read along to check out.

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China Telecom EPON device, IPTV and TR069

After reading Wesley’s post about their problematic, data stealing router, I want to rant about mine.

In the neighbourhood I am living in, the only ISP is China Telecom.

For those who want a broadband connection, Telecom’s standard issue CPE is a combined EPON/Router device. ┬áThe device establishes EPON and PPPoE connection for you, have built-in DHCP server and Wi-Fi access point, and seems to be a good all-in-one CPE.

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