The song creeped me out: FroyoYOLO

Revisited the aired episodes of Liv and Maddie, I am creeped out by one song: FroyoYOLO. I am greeted with strong déjà vu with Little Baby’s Ice Cream ad as played on the React videos.

YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. At the first glance I have no idea how to link that up with Froyo. Then after I read the lyrics, okay, live what you have, acceptable spirit.

What crept me out is the music video. Creepy monsters and even Liv (Dove) herself morphing, that is out of my league (yeah laugh it out, I, a 21-year-old male, am still in league, in the sense of TV options, with high school girls. I have my justification that you don’t want to know.) When I revisit this episode after I saw the YouTubers React episode, ew.

Ranting about a TV show, ha, I may be dumb and crazy.

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