What is bad content?

A certain center called me, telling me that my website have a certain “bad content”. Hmm what are they talking about?

My website have five entry points: http://www.maxchan.info which is largely empty and have some scripting points that do not provide human readable results, http://blog.maxchan.info and https://en.maxchan.info which are my blogs in both  Chinese and English, http://dev.maxchan.info which is the entry point of the OS X server that us hosting my private Git repositories and continuous integration, and the final  one http://bt.maxchan.info which is the control panel and status page of my backup/torrent server. Did you see anything bad there?

Is it about contents? My blogs are my personal reviews of tech and music and TV, some personal ranting, and that’s pretty much it. Is that a bad thing?

Okay that is pretty much how much I would be ranting now. Back to coding and writing reports now.

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